I stumbled upon the video of Nergal (frontman of the legendary Polish black/death metal band Behemoth) destroying the Bible on stage.

“They call this book holy. I dare not agree. To me, it is the source of all hypocrisy and the worst evil that man can do to one another.”

This is obviously done more for show than anything else, although I suspect Nergal really does believe what he says. Anyway, what caught my attention here was him calling the Bible the source of all hypocrisy and the worst evil.

Looking at Reddit and Youtube comments, apparently there are plenty of people who really do believe this.

Of course it’s easier to believe that a large part of evil in this world comes from a few specific sources – religions, for example – and that removing them would make the world a better place, instead of accepting that it is man himself who is the source of hypocrisy and evil, and that everything else is just pretext for those actions?

Excellent band though.


“You know that feeling when you just don’t want to study? THAT’S WHEN YOU STUDY!

– from reddit

I’ve come to believe that there is no magical method that will somehow make you do things you don’t want to do. You will simply have to ignore the fact that you don’t want to, and get stuff done.

And yes, once you get started it will suck, but again, that doesn’t really matter.

WordPress Front Page vs Home Page and getting post ID outside or after the loop in every possible way

I was recently working on a site that needed to display the featured image of every page in its sidebar.

On regular, static pages or posts, everything works as intended – you can use is_page(), is_single() and get_the_ID() and not worry about anything.

// This works well on static pages or posts,
// displaying the featured image
if ( is_page() || is_single() ) {
    if ( has_post_thumbnail( get_the_ID() ) ) {
        the_post_thumbnail( 'full' );

However, on pages that contain the Loop (blog posts page, custom loop pages), things can get a bit complicated. I’ll walk you through a bunch of different solutions you can use to get the post/page ID, depending on the situation.

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Only twenty-two

I was only twenty-two, remember; not that I was so stuck on myself that I didn’t want to know just where I was at fault, but at that age nobody knows much of anything.

Edwin Lefevre, “Reminscences of a Stock Operator”

Fair enough.